Beef Price List

With growing public concern over not only were your meat comes from but how it is raised and what it is fed, Red Bank Farm Shop offers a wide range of meats directly from the farm itself. This is meat produced as it used to be, using traditional methods and prepared on our premises.

At Red Bank Farm we carefully select cattle based on producing the finest beef using traditional breeds such as Hereford, Limousin and Angus cattle. Our animals are taken to a small family run abatoir so as to minimize stress for the animal, the beef is then hung on site for 28 days to mature before being sold in store. This careful process produces the fine tender, tasty meat. If we don't list a cut of beef your looking for call in or give us a call and we'd be happy to help.


Fillet Steak - £35.65 per kg

Sirloin Steak - £28.05 per kg

Rump Steak - £23.65per kg

T-Bone Steak - £21.50 per kg (pre order if possible)

Rib Eye Steak - £23.65 per kg      Northwest fine Foods Award winner 2011

Frying Steak - £9.11 per kg

Braising Steak - £8.69 per kg


Slower Roasting / Stewing / Mince Beef

Lean Stewing steak - £7.92 per kg

Lean Mince Beef - £7.92 per kg

Shin Beef, Blade and Skirt - £6.05 per kg

Ox Tail - £5.50 per kg

Roasting Joints

Topside - £12.65 per kg

Silverside - £12.65 per kg

Rump Roast - £16.50 per kg

Rolled sirloin Roast - £21.50 per kg

Fore Rib Roast - £16.50 per kg

Rolled Rib Roast - £19.93 per kg

Brisket - £8.69 per kg

Stuffed Beef Cushions - £2.00 each

Tasty Beef and onion Qtr Lb Burgers - 85p each

6 oz Rump Steak burgers / 6 oz Peppered Rump steak burgers - £2.90 each Northwest fine foods award winner 2011

Texan Beef stir fry and fajita mix - £9.90 per kg

Beef Sausages - £6.50 per kg


Beef Boxes

1.5kg topside or silverside Roasting Joint
2 Rump or Sirloin Steaks
lb Lean mince Beef
lb Lean stewing Steak
8 Beef and Onion Qtr lb Burgers